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The following is an example of collaborative exploration about future ICT vision in coordination with a Visual Arts teacher. This type of feedback can be used to measure systematically the views and needs of school stakeholders (Drucker, 1973)


“Proposal to network most if not all computers in school to some degree. This would allow students in photography to access school resources directly and allow access to IBM generally and as is the case with most creative Arts faculties Apple machines and the programs they contain.


A submission should be put to a range of scanners and printers in the library as a central location in a networked system. Which means basic black and white to high resolution colour for Photography, Visual Art and selected assignments from other faculties. This type of proposal would require reasonable supervision and security for the machines and the products, and probably require some form of levy on the students depending on the product.


Reinforce the basic school based computer strategies where students can download information to their education website and complete work at home. (a survey of the most appropriate tools should be undertaken, Google Docs, Moodle, Edmodo etc…) This specific strategy is most important to facilitate stage 4 learning, to develop sound computer literacy and work habits and reinforce the value of the electronic learning spectrum available to our current and future students.


While the current computer roll out program has now finished, the value of this initiative cannot be ignored. We should be looking for opportunities to seek state and federal funding to extend the access of electronic media to our students, and seeking some form of extension by way of grants to the school and the library in particular, to maintain quality education in our school.


We should be looking to have the facility to extend our learning initiatives to our students in our community.”


I thought this relevant to include here to remind me of the collaborative nature of leadership. I hope to return to this blog post as a place to keep treasures like this stored.


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