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ETL 504 Blog Post 2

When I think about leadership in schools I do not imagine the leadership that is reflected in the business world. As a new teacher I have been happy to follow instruction from both head teachers and executive staff. I thought of leadership being entirely student based. Firstly as a teacher leading a class, but more accurately the school (lead by executive staff) leading the way students learn.

Shared planning and increased communication – (Marziano reading)

Work with all stages, I have worked closely with junior grades and randomly with some teachers (mostly from HSIE dept.) the goal would be to have a more scheduled meeting process, sit in on faculty meetings, run whole school activities in the library.

The whole uni experience has been eye opening, most inspiring is the possibility of future developments. I can’t image how the argument to remove TLs can be sustained. And I am developing my advocacy abilities arsenal.

This inspirational and elevated level has often been clouded by the dearth of module/forum reading that is difficult to engage with when it’s just me and my computer monitor.

And on another level the way the way that actually running a library and the practicalities of school life gets in the way. Not to mention life away from school and uni!

From the modules, As a leader and change catalyst in the school library you will bring a range of innovative programs to the teachers and students. What is important in this context is proper consideration of professional learning design, implementation and evaluation processes. (At the moment it’s about keeping my head above water).


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